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Our Team

Macallum has the skills and experience to identify, evaluate and develop a broad range of resource opportunities and to operate in many countries. Base metals, precious metals, bulk mineral commodities, oil and gas are the principal targets but high value projects of other commodities are also assessed on an opportunistic basis. It believes that the optimum risk to reward balance is to be found near the front of the discovery to development process and that it has the experience to identify and realise project value that is under-appreciated or trapped and to do this quickly. To date Macallum has reviewed several hundred projects around the world, has made offers on a selection of these with agreements in place covering a select few of these.
John Main: a geologist with over 45 years of global experience in mineral exploration and evaluation. John has lead teams that have discovered eight deposits which have been or are being mined. The value of the actual and planned mineral production from these deposits exceeds A$100 billion
Peter McIntyre: an engineer with over 30 years of experience in the minerals industry. He has been involved with the development of a number of major mining projects, and at a corporate level he has established and steered various companies through their early stages into significant businesses. Peter established and was Managing Director of ASX-listed Extract Resources Limited which discovered the world- class Husab uranium deposit in Namibia recently divested for +A$2b.
Steve Sikirich: an experienced mine contractor and private investor, Steve is a successful businessman, and was among the first to offer contract mining services to the Australian industry.
Peter Taylor: a lawyer with over 30 years of global experience in exploration, mining and shipping law. Retired from Rio Tinto Group where he held senior executive positions in the group's exploration & legal areas. A former Chairman of Bougainville Copper Ltd and Director of Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.

Board of Management

Martin Spivey: Manager Exploration: a geologist with broad global exploration, evaluation and mining experience on multiple commodities. Responsible for the discovery of the +500 million pound U3O8 Husab uranium deposit.
Neal Culpan: Principal Geologist: a geologist with comprehensive global exploration, evaluation and resource estimation experience. He has worked as a client representative and consultant for a range of resource companies on multiple commodities. A key member of the Husab discovery and feasibility team.
Rance Dorrington: CFO, Company Secretary: an accountant and Company Secretary with extensive international, capital market and corporate governance experience. Formerly CFO / Company Secretary for Extract Resources Limited

Executive Management

Business Model

Rigorous review of the technical and commercial merits of investment opportunities, including political and sovereign risks. Work with trusted local partners to navigate complex regulatory and community environments. Target commodities with good long-term fundamentals, processing and marketing characteristics. Conduct business activities at all times on a basis of integrity, honesty, agility and dynamism. Apply private funds to move mineral projects through the high-risk early stages to advanced stages where significant value can be realised. Focus on mineral projects that can achieve industry lowest quartile cost metrics, should they reach production. Short to intermediate term goal of establishing self-sustaining cash flow generating businesses in various jurisdictions to underpin growth targets. Will fast track low capex-high margin mine developments. Access other funding, as required, through a wide network of financial support. Utilize many years of industry experience and contacts to bring excellence to technical and corporate project teams. Crystallise investments through a combination of re-investments, production + dividend streams, asset disposal, corporate action (mergers or IPO).
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