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Projects Overview

Macallum has the skills and experience to identify, evaluate and develop a broad range of resource opportunities and to operate in many countries. Base metals, precious metals, bulk mineral commodities, oil and gas are the principal targets but high value projects of other commodities are also assessed on an opportunistic basis. It believes that the optimum risk to reward balance is to be found near the front of the discovery to development process and that it has the experience to identify and realise project value that is under-appreciated or trapped and to do this quickly. To date Macallum has reviewed several hundred projects around the world, has made offers on a selection of these with agreements in place covering a select few. Given the current depressed commodity price cycle and large number of companies seeking funds to further advance their projects, Macallum believes this is a good time to continue reviewing and acquiring quality projects. For example, an exploration licence has just been granted over a potential lithium project in Queensland for Macallum. Macallum continually reviews its project portfolio to ensure priority is being given to projects deemed to be able to have maximum value added.

Current Projects

North Perth Basin

The onshore North Perth Basin (NPB) is a recognised hydrocarbon province. Macallum controls 100% of EP494, which was granted in May, 2015 and covers 2,581km2. Areas within this lease are considered prospective for conventional oil and gas plays.
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Narlarla Project

The Narlarla project, exploration licence E04/2438, is located in the Napier Range, immediately south of the Barker River, approximately 1,860 km north east of Perth in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. The licence covers 37 graticule blocks or 12,097.61 hectares (~121km2).
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